Natura Fluxus brings us on a poetic, existential and suggestive journey dealing with matters like abandonment, desolation, emptiness, inanimation, remembrance and residual energy through places where we can spot traces of presence of mankind. Discover the aesthetic beauty in old factories and ruins: in the perishable and the metamorphoses that follow.

Natura Fluxus is a 15 minutes experimental short film where concrete, environmental sounds and original scored music blend with visual stunning sceneries of rarely seen places. The film is in B/W and Color.

Natura Fluxus with four additional short films and still gallery released in 2005 as a strictly limited DVD-R Video (200x, NTSC, Region 0). Total playing time 38 minutes. The DVD has been sold out.

A new DVD-version is now released (August 2011) containing the original DVD with new menu and some additional materials. The DVD will be part of a 3-Disc Digibook release with Peter Andersson 'Music for Film and Exhibition I + Natura Fluxus' 2CD+1DVD out on the Russian label Infinite Fog. [By the 2CD+DVD here]

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About the project
Natura Fluxus is a Master-of-Art project produced, directed, photographed and edited in spring 2005 by Peter Andersson and Lars Bosma, students of the program for Culture, Society and Media Production (KSM) at Linkoping University in Sweden. The project was supervised by Lisskulla Moltke-Hoff, lecturer at Linkoping University. Original music score composed by Peter Andersson, known from the dark-ambient-industrial music project raison d’être (on the record label Cold Meat Industry).

  Please direct general questions to: info@naturafluxus.info   © 2005 Peter Andersson & Lars Bosma